Sarah Newton votes WITH Boris Johnson to suspend Parliament

Sarah Newton voted in support of Boris Johnson’s controversial decision to suspend Parliament as the Brexit deadline looms.

The Conservative MP said that her constituents – who voted to remain in the EU in the 2016 referendum – should ‘put this in perspective’, suggesting that the move would not affect the amount of time MPs would have to scrutinise any withdrawal agreement. However, the independent fact checking website Full Fact stats that the decision reduced the amount of time available from a potential 33 days, to as little as 10. 

Ruth Gripper, the Liberal Democrat candidate to become Truro and Falmouth's next MP, said: “Sarah Newton’s comment that we should ‘keep things in perspective’ is frankly an insult to her constituents.

“Boris Johnson is shying away from the debate that is part and parcel of our democracy. His decision to prorogue parliament is an abuse of parliamentary procedure and people in Truro and Falmouth are rightly very angry about it. I joined protesters outside Sarah Newton’s office this morning to demonstrate the strength of feeling on this issue.

“I would hope our MP would be standing up against this decision at this critical moment.”


Watch Ruth's video from the protest on her Facebook page.

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