Boris Johnson is riding roughshod over Parliament

Our unelected Prime Minister is attempting to shut down debate and force through the Conservative party's extreme version of Brexit.

No one told us that 'taking back control' meant a Prime Minister chosen by just 0.01% of the population riding roughshod over parliament.

This is unprecedented and unacceptable abuse of parliamentary procedure, designed to avoid challenge or debate from our elected representatives. You might expect it in Putin's Russia, but not here in the UK.

Boris Johnson talks about the will of the people, but the country did not vote for No Deal in 2016.

If he is so confident he should put the choice to the British people, not shut down Parliament to force through the biggest decision in generations. 

The Government itself has admitted that a No Deal Brexit would cause food and medicine shortages. Nor will it put an end to the uncertainty we have all lived with for the past three years, but simply signal the start of years of further negotiations.

The Liberal Democrats will continue to work across party lines to prevent a damaging No Deal Brexit that will hurt jobs and livelihoods here in Cornwall.

  • Ruth, Lib Dem prospective parliamentary candidate for Truro and Falmouth constituency, is pictured above at a march for a People's Vote in London in June 2019

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