Liberal Democrat manifesto offers a brighter future for Cornwall from the environment to mental health

The Liberal Democrat manifesto has been welcomed by Truro and Falmouth candidate Ruth Gripper.

The plan includes:

  • Stopping Brexit and using the £50billion Remain bonus to fund public services
  • An extra £10billion a year for schools
  • An extra £35billion for the NHS and social care over the parliament, funded by putting an extra 1p on income tax, and treating mental health with the same urgency as physical health
  • £100billion to tackle the climate crisis, including a major programme of home insulation, tree planting and investment in renewable energy
  • Free childcare for working parents
  • £4.5billion over five years to support local bus improvements
  • A £50billion regional rebalancing programme for infrastructure spending across the nations and regions of the UK

Commenting, Ruth Gripper said:

“I welcome the bold vision for a brighter future for Truro and Falmouth, Cornwall and the rest of the UK represented by the Liberal Democrat manifesto for this election.

The Lib Dems know stopping Brexit is vital for the UK’s prosperity, and the £50billion Remain bonus which would come with staying in Europe could be invested in our all-important public services.

We have set out where we would get the money to boost funding for the NHS, schools and tackling the climate crisis, as well as putting mental health on an equal footing with physical health and introducing people’s wellbeing as a measure of the economy’s success.”

The plans have been praised by the IFS, while the pie-in-the-sky promises of the Labour and Tory manifestos have been dismissed as “not credible”.

And independent analysis by the Resolution Foundation shows the poorest households would be best off under the Lib Dems - as would every income level.

Ruth added:

“I’m proud to be standing as a Liberal Democrat in this election, offering voters an alternative to the disastrous leadership and politics of Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn and a manifesto packed with positive policies that will change our country for the better.”

See the full Lib Dem manifesto at and use the search function to find the issues that matter to you.

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